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Alain Volut was born in France in 1954. He has worked in theatre in France, Poland and Italy, and participated in several film projects. He made two short documentary films: Forum Vulcani, about Naples, and Paris XX which is about children in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. He has also worked as a photographer with several theatre troupes. In 1990 he moved to Naples where he began work as a freelance photographer, publishing in major daily newspapers and magazines both in Italy and France (represented by VU agency 1992-1993). Among others he has produced extensive photo essays on New York and India. A selection of his photographs is held in the Bibliothèque Historique de la Ville de Paris.
In Naples he documented the work of French artist Ernest Pignon–Ernest, published as a book entitled Vicoli della Memoria / Les Ruelles de la Mémoire (1994) with an introduction by Christian Caujolle. Forever fascinated by the atmospheres of large European cities, in 1999 he published a book about Childhood in Europe entitled Creature. The trilogy, Ombre, based on the plaster casts in Pompeii and including one of his own sculptures was presented and published with a text by Bernard Noël in 2000. His photographic study on the Province of Napoli, Nel Labirinto del Tempo, was published in 2001. His work on the Neapolitan Metro, Under the Ground, realized in both B/W and colour also includes an installation piece. Terre Natale, his work on the Dogon culture, was published with an introduction by Catherine Clément and presented as an exhibition which includes two of the artist’s installations as well as African sculptures at the Conciergerie de Paris in 2007.
Alain Volut explores the relationship between photography and sculptures / installations, revealing another dimension of imagery, “a dreamed anthropology”.
His latest work, Au Seuil du Monde, is on India.


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